eFoil Board Rentals

Electric Foil Boards

We provide the best efoil boards for a beautiful day on the lake!

The new sport is called e-Foil rentals and fun lessons for an adventure with the premier water sports company at any water destination in Utah.  The new electric hydrofoil experience can only be described by trying it!  Personalized eFoil lessons are so much for any age or group size, please call, text or email for eFoil lesson rates!

We’ve spent over two decades offering the most exhilarating water sports adventures with the best rental equipment on the market.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced thrill-seeker, hire our new eFoils for any lake or riding big surf, the Lift eFoil or Fliteboard allows you to craft the adventure that’s best for you with an all-electric, silent motor that glides through any body of water ocean, river, lake or reservoir.

EFOIL RENTAL RATES (pricing subject to change depending on location, peak season, holiday weeks, and availability):

4 hours $295 per eFoil
8 hours $395 per eFoil
24-hours or longer $495 per eFoil per day


The LIFT and FLITEBOARD eFoil and AUDI e-tron aerofoil best-in-class aerodynamics and maneuverability, extra-durable construction, extended ride time, and the highest speed on the market.  Fun for all ages and sizes to ride these efoil, jet board, or surf foils.  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to surf without waves or windsurf without wind? Enter the efoil revolution!