Sandboard & Sleds

Sand Toys For All Ages

Rent or go on a tour with our new sand boards and sand sleds at the Sand Hollow, Little Sahara or Coral Pink Sand Dunes!

Experience the new sand sports we have to offer with sand board rentals and sand sleds rentals for your next adventure at any sand dunes destination in Utah including Sand Hollow, Coral Pink, Little Sahara, White Sand dunes!  It is recommended that you rent an ATV or UTV’s to get you back up the hills.  We also offer guided sand boarding and sand sledding tours with an instructor!  Our company only used the best boards and sleds on the market.

Sandboard and Sand Sled 8 hr rate $65.00 and 24 hr $85.00

Sand boarding is a hard wood board sport that is similar to snowboarding that involves riding across or down a sand dune while standing on a board.  This sport is so much fun for kids and adults! You can ride either with both feet strapped in or while standing loose, without bindings.  Sand sleds can be used sitting down or lying on the belly or the back as is simple for all ages.

Sandboarding and sand sleds have riders throughout the world, but is most prevalent in desert areas or coastal areas with beach dunes which Utah has many dunes in northern to southern Utah.   The nice things about Utah dunes is they are available year-round as opposed to ski resorts, which are seasonal.